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It is fully understood that this application is an offer from applicant to rent an apartment from owner.  If application is approved and accepted, the deposit which is made with this application will be held during the residency as security for the performance of covenants of the lease and as a damage deposit.  It is further understood and agreed that all applications are subject to approval and acceptance of the Landlord.  If the applicant withdraws application and cancels after three (3) days from date of application, the applicant agrees that the deposit becomes a cancellation fee and is forfeited.  The lease application fee of $25.00 in Ohio and $50.00 in Kentucky is non-refundable.  There are no exceptions.

Applicant agrees to sign a 12 month lease unless otherwise approved by property manager. 

Each applicant shall be processed  under the terms of the Equal Housing Statutes and each applicant has the right to inspect, select, and lease housing accommodations without regard to race, color, religious, national origin or familial status.

THE ABOVE INFORMATION  is a full and true representation of all facts and complete to the best of my knowledge.  Misrepresentation of facts or discovery of false information and/or statements will result in denial of application or eviction if residency has commenced.  I/We hereby authorize you to obtain credit reports or any information which you may require regarding this application or investigate the statements made here.  I/We verify that the above statements were made to induce you to rent to me/us the above apartment.

Unit availability listed online is based on the most up-todate information possible.  If you have questions about specific move in dates, you should contact the property for which you are interested in applying, before submitting your application.  If you would like to see a copy of our rental criteria before finalizing your online application, you may do so by clicking here.