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Rookwood Properties has an industrial portfolio that includes both single-tenant industrial buildings and multi-tenant industrial buildings that span Greater Cincinnati, Columbus and Dayton. Rookwood Properties currently owns and manages 1.2M+ square feet of industrial space.  Our industrial properties serve a wide range of needs including but not limited to: storage, manufacturing, logistics, distribution and mixed use.  For information and availability on any of our industrial properties please contact Kelli Condon at: or 513-469-6580.

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Property Location  Suburb Type SF Avail Building Size
Chester Road (10570) Cincinnati Woodlawn Multi-tenant 64,000
Chester Road (10590) Cincinnati Woodlawn Single User 20,000
Harrison Avenue Cincinnati West End Single User 60,480
Mitchell Avenue Cincinnati Winton Hills Single User 14,750
Western Avenue Cincinnati West End Single User 20,400
Brown School Road Dayton Vandalia Single User 30,000
Westpark (101-107) Dayton Centerville Multi-tenant 2,975 10,014
Westpark (130-138) Dayton Centerville Multi-tenant 15,680
Display Lane Dayton Kettering Multi-tenant 224,727
East River Road Dayton Moraine Multi-tenant 98,131
Elbee Dayton Moraine Multi-tenant 9,000-16,000 – Office
13,000-18,000 Warehouse and Parking Available
Farr Drive Dayton North Dayton Multi-tenant 22,506
Paine Dayton Kettering Single User 10,125
Pioneer Dayton Springboro Multi-tenant 50,204
Sandridge Dayton Moraine Multi-Tenant 58,989 58,989
South Pioneer Dayton Springboro Multi-tenant 61,247
Troy Dayton Troy Single User 93,692
Uehling Lane Dayton Huber Heights Multi-tenant 20,000
Victory Dayton Springboro Single User 26,856
Warehouse Dayton North Dayton Single User 53,465 53,465
Webster (5095) Dayton Harrison Twp Single User 11,520
Webster (6101) Dayton Harrison Twp Single User 13,940
Columbus Columbus Scioto Harper Single User 22,020

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